Friday, June 24, 2016

Burnaby BC to Campbell Lake Washington: Day 1 is in the books.

I started the day at my sister's place in Burnaby, BC, and finished it off at Lake Campbell, Washington, just outside Deception Pass State Park.

Getting out of BC proved a little more difficult than I'd expected. There are quite a few bridges to cross before hitting the US border and most of them are on roads inaccessible to bikes. It was a chore finding how to get onto the right bike trail that would lead me to the bridge crossings, but it also meant I was able to do a lot of off road biking, which was a nice first day test for Dolores (270lbs fully loaded with gear and my big ass) trying to navigate the muddy, rocky trails hiding around highway 91.

I didn't know what to expect of cycling in the US, our my own stamina for that matter, but both turned out to be in pretty good shape today. With the overcast weather, Washington didn't didn't really jump out to me until riding through Larrabee State Park, which reinvigorated me with its natural beauty. The 145.6kms I covered today is my highest daily total in two years, and I feel pretty good and ready to tackle another big day tomorrow.
 Larrabee State Park
 Crossing the Fraser River
 Burns Dog Delta Nature Reserve
 Crossing over
 Long road out of Larramee State Park
Lake Campbell

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