Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day 2: Lake Campbell to Dosewallips State Park. Trip total: 255.7kms

I'll admit, I was feeling it on the road today. My left knee was giving me some problems, and sure enough my right quad started acting up because I was compensating. 250m straight up Mt. Walker didn't help matters, but the steep descend and relatively flat road to Dosewallips State Park improved my condition and my mood.

Early in the day I debated tacking on an extra 48kms and hitting the next state park. It would effectively be the same distance I covered yesterday, and I was feeling good at the time. Thankfully I stuck to the original plan. 110kms felt just right for today, and with two more days of relatively shorter rides, my body should ease back into the touring groove before the really long rides start coming up.

Dosewallips State Park

Leaving Lake Campbell

Deception Pass

Fort Townsend

The most American restaurant I've ever been in. I had a cheeseburger and freedom fries.

Trees swallowed up the road

Beautiful but demanding climb for this early on in my trip.

I've come for your soul

My stop for the night

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