Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 12: Weott to Leggett. Trip total: 1461km

South Fork Eel River

Wow, today really kicked the crap outta me. I had a modest 119km ride planned for today. It involved two separate 1000ft climbs and a general uphill ride for the entire day.

I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I had a nice early start, and it was technically shorter than the rides I'd been doing over the past few days.

Although I started early, I took my sweet time getting out of the Avenue of the Giants because it was such a great place to ride.

Once I re-entered the 101, I lost the cool shade of the redwoods and was immediately pounded with unrelenting sun and heat. It was a freeway for much of the stretch and there was no tree cover along the shoulder to provide any shade. Add to the heat the fact that it was a steady series of small climbs for the entire morning, and I was not only exhausted, but way behind schedule.

I hoped to be in Leggett by 11am and power through the two long ascents before noon, and then will myself over the next 25km into Westport to end my day. By the time I got to Leggett I was 2 hours late, in the thick of the hottest time of day, and I found myself weaving as I rode - I was completely exhausted.

This day didn't look too bad on paper, but I think the heat, the steady climb, and my lack of days off just caught up to me. I got through 74km today, but it felt so much longer. I'm tempted to take a day off, but I think I'll compromise and just do another short day tomorrow.

On a positive note, I'm at 1465km for the trip, which by my schedule puts me halfway to San Diego!

Awoken by Blue Jays

Leaving the Giants

Found him

So long, 101. It was a pleasure riding you, but it's time to lose a couple of digits.

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