Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 25: San Diego to Tijuana. Final trip total: 2903km

I was hoping for something memorable to mark the last ride of my trip, but the only notable thing about it was the heat. It hit 34 degrees with intense humidity. Thankfully it was just 60 km to Tijuana and back, so it was a breeze.

Getting into Mexico didn't pose a problem, except I had to negotiate a turnstile. This would have been an issue had I been riding with a full pack, but fortunately I only had a single pannier with me so I was able to squeeze through with Dolores.

I didn't plan on spending any time in Tijuana, I just wanted to get my passport stamped, grab a bite to eat and head back. I grabbed a couple of tacos at a roadside stand which were surprisingly good. I actually did spend a little time riding around, but the traffic got sketchy so I decided to call it a day and head back - that's when my day took a bad turn.

Heading into Mexico took no time at all. Heading out was a different matter entirely. I got in line at the pedestrian crossing where I entered Mexico. We were corralled outside in a narrow walkway under a canvas canopy that seemed to intensify the heat rather than protect us from it. I was in one of two lines, but I couldn't figure out if I was in the right one since no one spoke english. There was also an empty line that I was told was for people was disabilities, but it became quickly apparent that it wasn't being used by people with disabilities.

It would be one thing if our line was moving slowly, but it wasn't moving AT ALL. The exact same guy was at the front of the line for over an hour. The only people getting through at all were the ones skipping through in the empty line. I was shocked that people weren't raising a stink about waiting around in a line that wasn't going anywhere, I was starting to get worried.

A few people decided leave, and although I couldn't figure out exactly what they were saying, I got the impression they were going to another border crossing. Of course, I had no way to know for sure. I decided to take a gamble and head out in search of another border crossing.

Fortunately, I got lucky. There was another pedestrian crossing a little over a kilometre away. It was hassle-free at the second crossing, and I never got an explanation of what was going on at the first crossing. Everything seemed very sketchy.

Aside from the border hiccup, I made it back to San Diego without incident. My trip has officially come to an end. It's still too early (and I'm still feeling too much heat exhaustion) to reflect adequately on this milestone. For now, here are some interesting stats:

Total distance: 2903km
Total days: 29 (25 riding days, 4 days off)
Average daily distance: 116.12km
Highest daily distance: 178km
Fastest speed: 70.1km/h
Highest single elevation climb: 365m (1200ft)

Found the crossing into Mexico, unfortunately it was a turnstile. Managed to get Dolores through.

My fine dining experience in Tijuana

Eventually made it back to San Diego. End of my trip!

And here are some pics from Comic-Con

This was the only pic of Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes I could get before security threatened to kick me out

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