Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 13: Leggett to Fort Bragg. Trip total: 1537km

A planned, I put in a shorter day today - 76km to Fort Bragg. To be honest, I feel pretty good and wouldn't have had any issues pushing further, but it was nice to finish my riding in the a.m., and I need to trust my decision to take a break.

I was surprised at how cold it was this morning. After burning up yesterday, I was freezing my butt off for the ride today. I was actually enjoying the long climbs today because they kept the blood flowing. This is the only day I've regretted not bringing gloves. The sun never did come out, so the short day was very welcome.

First order of business once I hit town was laundry. The only time I've really done laundry since I left was in American Heritage Campground in Oregon. I attempted a campsite rinse and air-dry cleanse at Burlington Campground two days ago, but it was never sunny enough to dry, so I ended up with damp, not-really-clean clothes packed in with the rest of my gear, which meant everything was now not-really-clean. I was chatting with a hiker at the roadside Bigfoot shop yesterday. She asked me about my trip; where I was going and where I came from, etc. She said I must be in great shape and then squeezed my ass - that's a big no-no. I didn't say anything though, I just smiled knowing that sooner or later she'd have to smell that hand.

Columbi motel in Fort Bragg, where I'm staying today, has an attached laundromat and is a couple of blocks away from a dirty looking 'saloon' which looks like my hangout for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow I'm back on the road to make up some miles until my next real day off in San Francisco this weekend.

Climbing out of Leggett

Arriving in Fort Bragg

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