Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 18-19: Santa Cruz to Big Sur, Big Sur to Morro Bay. Trip total: 2253km

Network coverage since I left Santa Cruz was almost non-existent until now so I'm packing two days into one post here, strap in!

Actually, things have been uneventful. I'm used to starting my day in fog, but it's generally burned off by noon, but not for the past two days. Oh, I've had pockets of sun, but they've been few and far between.

Riding in heavy fog for an entire day's ride really messes with my sense of space and time. I'm used to intuitively guaging my progress throughout the day based on what part of my body is currently getting sunburned, and seeing the changing miles ahead of and around me keeps me engaged in the ride. Heavy fog limits my world to a 30 foot radius around me, and the time of day is perpetual dusk. This makes it seem like I'm cycling in one spot for hours on end. I can't stress how draining that's been. I won't even mention the added stress of navigating the fog along a narrow cliff edge for longer than I'd care to think about.

Now, with the complaining out of the way, on to the highlights. Santa Cruz was a great stop for me. I've been staying at campgrounds and small towns until now, so getting to play around on a cheesy boardwalk, midway and beach was a perfect change of pace.

From Santa Cruz I made my way to Big Sur and enjoyed brief glimpses of picturesque pastures before heading up the mountain.

From Big Sur I had a challenging ride out of the mountains before hitting a refreshing stretch of flat terrain to finish off my ride in Morro Bay.

I've covered 285km over the past two days and I'm rewarding myself with a motel room for tonight.

From yesterday...



I really wanted this to happen, but

From today...

Under the fog

Over the fog

In the fog

I was told I had to go see Hearst Castle. There it is, that smudge on the left!

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