Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 16: Bodega Dunes to San Francisco. Trip total: 1843km

I've decided to take two days off. I'm four days ahead of schedule so I need to burn some time, and more importantly, I'm suffering a bit of mental fatigue.

Yesterday's ride wasn't challenging until I hit San Francisco. It took me predominantly through farmland lightly dotted with a few small towns. My only concern was staying hydrated under the glaring sun, but I was well stocked with water so that was never a problem.

My relief at finally entering San Francisco was replaced with exhaustion as I had to navigate another 13km of climbing up and down incredibly steap hills within the city to get to my destination. Fortunately my destination was a buddy's place, and he's graciously offered to host me for the next couple of days so I can kill some time and regroup.

Leaving Bodega


Closest pic I could get of Golden Gate Bridge

Fog was not helping with the view

Officially entering San Francisco

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