Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 24: San Clemente to San Diego. Trip total: 2845km

This is a bit anti-climactic. I arrived in San Diego today on schedule. My intention was to check in to my hotel, unload Dolores' gear, and head out to Tijuana with nothing but my phone and wallet to cap off the trip.

It's 3:30pm now, I'm at a bar waiting for my buddies to get here so I can check in to the hotel. I probably wouldn't get back on the road until 5ish, meaning the earliest I'd Cruz three border and get back to my hotel would be 8ish - not accounting for nominal time didn't in Tijuana.

I'm going to be in San Diego for the week. On top of being able to take an awesome Pacific Coast bike trip, I also have tickets to the most exclusive nerd convention on the planet (thanks,Tri). Rather than rush another 60km in for today, I'm going to take Dolores across the border Friday or Saturday. I'm in no rush at this point.

So basically, I made it. 2845km down the Pacific Coast from Vancouver to San Diego in 24 days. I'll close off this blog once Dolores actually gets across the border into Mexico, and I'll try to do something memorable to mark the occasion, but essentially I've arrived at my destination. No more worries about flat tires, weather, or injury. I'm going to relax today and give a proper wrap up to the trip once we get into Mexico.

Comic-Con crew

Leaving San Clemente this morning

San Diego

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