Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 17: San Francisco to Santa Cruz. Trip total: 1968km

I had a nice relaxing couple of days off in San Francisco which helped replenish my energy and gave my aches and pains time to fade away. Unfortunately I undid most of that good work by staying out late last night and having too much to drink. I had a good time in San Fran so it was almost worth the hangover ride this morning. Almost.

I watched a whale playing out in the water at Half Moon Bay this morning, unfortunately my gopro doesn't zoom so the video doesn't really capture it.

I recovered from my hangover by the time I rolled into Santa Cruz. I plan to spend some time at the beach before packing it in for the night.

Santa Cruz

On schedule for Big Sur tomorrow!

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  1. Hi mark lovely pics, enjoy Big Sur, its beautiful drive in a car, I imagine even better on a bike. If you get a chance, and you might need to book ahead, you should stop in at San Simeon, heart's castle- closer to San Luis Obispo- its a very unique piece of architecture,history and Americana- I'm sure we met, I'm a friend of Damion and Corry from the Black Irish.