Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 8: Walport to Charleston. Trip total: 945km

I had fair amount of climbing today as soon as I left Walport, which was slow going, but with a nice early start to the day, I didn't mind taking my time.

My IT Band issue came back with a vengeance, fortunately I was only about a dozen kilometres from Sunset Beach when it was at it's worse, so I did the responsible thing and found a nice dive bar in North Bend to wait it out and give my leg a chance to rest. Oddly, after a few beers my leg felt much better.

I lucked out at the campsite. The hiker/biker section was flooded, so they had a few tent sites designated for us. I got a site all to myself, right next to the creek.

My elevation chart today looked like an ecg reading

Another bridge with two lanes and no shoulder.should be fun.

Sunset Beach in the morning

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