Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 14: Fort Bragg to Manchester. Trip total: 1600km

Looking at the countless little hills I had ahead of me today, I overestimated how tiring the ride would be.

The weather was sunny and cool, perfect for riding. I arrived in Manchester KOA much earlier and fresher than anticipated, and rightfully should have pressed on to Bodega Bay, tomorrow's destination. However, I'm realizing a little scheduling problem. Thanks to Comic Con, I can't actually afford to get to San Diego early because I have no chance of securing accommodations earlier than the date I have booked.

This leaves me with two choices: take more days off (I still have 3 scheduled), our just do shorter rides. For now I'm opting for shorter rides, I don't like the idea of not riding for an entire day. I'm definitely taking a day off in San Francisco, and although I've been lucky with the weather so far, I might get rained out at some point yet, so those extra days might still come in handy.

As for today, the ride weaved it's way alongside the ocean and through wide open fields as it meandered up and down the coastal cliffs. The climbs were persistent, but relatively short, and I'm feeling considerably more fresh than a few days ago.

Leaving Fort Bragg. Yes, there is no shoulder. Yes, there is no guardrail. And yes, that is a shear drop straight to the ocean.

Dolores had her work cut out for her on these hills.

Manchester KOA

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